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Scroll down to discover our Menu or get in touch with us to create a desired menu for your event.


Omelette with Tomatoes

1500 AMD

Omelette with Honey

1800 AMD

Omelette with Cheese

2000 AMD

French Toast with Maple Syrup

2200 AMD


Brown Salad with Egg-plants

3000 AMD

Hot Salad with Beef

3500 AMD

Mexican Salad with Quinoa

3300 AMD

Korean Salad with Cucumber

2000 AMD

Summer Salad with Tomatoes and Cucumber

1700 AMD


Bruschetta with Pesto Sauce

2000 AMD

Vegetables Cocktail

3000 AMD

Spiced Potatoes

1600 AMD

Spiced Olives

1500 AMD

Armenian CheesePlate

2000 AMD

Rezhan (milk cream)

1000 AMD

Strained Yogurt

800 AMD

Bread & Lavash

600 AMD

Main Dishes


3500 AMD


6000 AMD

Fish Volcano

6500 AMD

Spiced Trout Fillet

6500 AMD


6500 AMD

Orange Chicken

3500 AMD

Cocoon with Chicken

3700 AMD

Palette with Chicken

4000 AMD

Pear Beef

4500 AMD

Long Sticks with Beef

5000 AMD

Egg-plant Julienne

3000 AMD


Pork boneless /400 grams/

3800 AMD

Pork loin /400 grams/

4200 AMD

Calf mix /400 grams/

4500 AMD

Chicken mix /400 grams/

3000 AMD


5500 AMD


2500 AMD


1500 AMD


Fruit pie

2000 AMD


1000 AMD

Little Farm's Homemade Ice-Cream

2000 AMD

Carrot the Great

2500 AMD

Dessert of the Day

2500 AMD

Non-Alcoholic Beverages


1500 AMD

Coca Cola

500 AMD

Sparkling Water (Jermuk)

300 AMD

Cold Tea Butterfly Pea

1900 AMD

Cold Tea Dragon Fruit

1900 AMD

Cold Tea Matcha

1900 AMD

Eastern Coffee

600 AMD

Coffee Americano

1000 AMD

Iced Coffee

1000 AMD

Tea with Melissa

1500 AMD

Tea with Herbs

1000 AMD

Black Tea

800 AMD

Black Tea with Cinnamon

1000 AMD

Alcoholic Beverages

Wine Van Ardi white 6500 AMD

Wine Van Ardi red 7000 AMD

Wine Voskevaz white 4700 AMD

Wine Voskevaz red 5500 AMD

Wine Karas white 7300 AMD

Wine Karas red 7800 AMD

Vodka homemade /50 grams/ 900 AMD

Vodka Ohanyan /0,5l/ 8500 AMD

Vodka Absolut /0,5l/ 9700 AMD

Beer Kotayk /0,33l/ 1000 AMD

Beer Kilikia /0,33l/ 1000 AMD



Wine Karas red 2200 AMD

Wine Karas white 1900 AMD

Wine Voskevaz red 1800 AMD

Wine Voskevaz white 1600 AMD

Brandy Ararat Ani 2500 AMD

Brandy Ararat ★★★★★ 3500 AMD

Brandy Ararat Nairi 8000 AMD

Whiskey Jack Daniel's 2500 AMD

Whiskey Black Label 4000 AMD

Weekend Market
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